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Outdoor Winter Competition


IDNA plays the following grades in outdoor:

NetSetGo! Competition - 8 Years and 9 Years

Juniors - 10 Years, 11 Years and 12 Years

Intermediates - 13-14 Years combined

Cadets - 15-17 Years combined

Seniors - 18+ combined


Notify Gerry Evry by emailing until 6 pm on Friday or by text at 0487 704 890 after 8 pm Friday or on Saturdays.


If you would like to play outdoor netball, please contact our Clubs directly.


Will be available in the "PlayHQ" section of this website, and on the Draws board outside the Control Room on a Saturday. Please checkthe online draw on a Saturday to ensure your court has not changed.


NetSetGo! Competition and Junior games have Club umpires assigned by the IDNA Umpires Committee

Intermediate's and Cadet's games are 'Umpire Your Own', meaning the 2 teams playing must supply their own umpires

Senior's have Club umpires or Duty umpires assigned by the IDNA Umpires Committee

The IDNA Umpires Committee are available throughout the day in the Umpires Room of the Val Curran Centre if you have any problems, and they also coach umpires as well 'badge' umpires.

Each team pays the Umpires according to the fees set out at the beginning of the year.


Canteen Facilities

Both Berkeley and Fairy Meadow have canteen facilities available on Saturday's, and these sell hot food, drinks, ice creams, lollies, and many other goodies. The canteens are staffed by a Club duty roster and the operations are overseen by Canteen Supervisors on behalf of IDNA.


Parking areas are clearly marked by Wollongong City Council, so please abide by the signs and directions.

Do not block pathways, access points and/or any other thoroughfares - otherwise you risk being fined by Wollongong City Council Rangers, or being towed at your own expense.

Incidents / Complaints

Incident / Complaint forms must be received by an IDNA Official on the day of the match in question for IDNA to pursue any matters relating to the incident / complaint. Please ensure this comes via your Club, and the appropriate form is completed and submitted.


Please place your rubbish in the bins when you leave the area, including the Stadium. If bins are full, please let the Control Room know.


While marking an occasion by taking a photograph may seem harmless, there are many issues that may arise from this. Some people do not permit themselves or aren't permitted to be photographed. Please check with both teams to see if there is anyone that you aren't permitted to photograph before you commence.

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