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IDNA Governance


2020V of IDNA Constitution

Regulation 1

Affiliation of Netball Clubs

Regulation 2

The Registration of Teams

Regulation 3

The Registration of Players

Regulation 4

The Registration of Non-Players

Regulation 5

Portfolios Of Management Committee Members

Regulation 6

Nominations Elections And Voting

Regulation 7

Committees Function and Membership

Regulation 8


Regulation 9

Disciplinary Procedures Appeals

Regulation 10

Management General and Annual General Meetings

Regulation 11

Standing Orders For Meetings

Regulation 12

Appointing Selectors & The Selection Process

Regulation 13

Requirements of Team Management & Officials

Regulation 14

Requirements Of Netball Illawarra Representative players

Regulation 15

Carnivals And Gala Days

Regulation 16

Indoor Netball Competition

Regulation 17

Alteration To The Constitution Regulations

Regulation 18

Life Membership

Regulation 19


Regulation 20

Netball Administrator

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